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This is the homepage for GemDemo.
GemDemo is a demonstration of realtime calculated graphical sequences. Everything is running within standard GEM windows on any Atari compatible machine with a TOS compatible OS, a 68030 or better CPU and a videomode of 15 or 16 bits per pixel.

GemDemo has been developed during the late spring and summer 1998 by Odd Skancke (ozk) of AssemSoft and Anders Eriksson (evl) of Dead Hackers Society.

GemDemo has been tested on a few various systems, such as Atari Falcon with videl RGB and VGA outputs, Nova graphic cards, Afterburner040 card, Nemesis card, Mighty Sonic card. On TT we have tested it with CrazyDots and Nova graphic cards, and it has been tested on Hades040 and Hades060. GemDemo worked fine with all those systems, only the Milan040 have shown problems so far.


Yes we are looking for betatesters of unusual Atari machines, and Atari compatible machines. If you have any of the following machines, please get in contact with us!
    - Milan040 or Milan060 (we think it should work with Milan now).
    - Medusa040 or Medusa060!
    - Eagle030 or Eagle040.


    • September 21, 1998: Benchmarks file update! CaTTamaran values added!
    • August 26, 1998: Benchmarks file updated! Milan values added!
    • August 1, 1998: Benchmarks file updated! Macintos G3 values corrected.
    • July 27, 1998: Benchmarks file updated! Machintosh "G3" results!
    • July 8, 1998: Benchmarks file updated! Machintosh Performa values (PowerPC 603).
    • July 7, 1998: Benchmarks file updated! Centurbo II values!
    • July 5, 1998: Benchmarks file updated! More Afterburner Falcon results.
    • July 3, 1998: Changed the toplogo to a more trendy style ;)
    • July 3, 1998: "Wanted" part of this html file added.
    • July 3, 1998: v0.5beta put online!
      • Bug regarding iconifying of Demo windows fixed. This bug caused the window to sometimes get the wrong width/height.
      • You can now disable/enable all the variables in the Statics window- This will help somewhat on framerate with slower machines.
      • The key-combo to zero the fps counter has been moved from ctrl+z to ctrl+r. This becuase pressing ctrl+z under mint stops the application. Not exactly what we want :)
      • Added 32K Motorola format gfx support.
    • July 3, 1998: This news part added
    • July 3, 1998: Some minor HTML fixing for CAB formatbug.
    • July 2, 1998: v0.4beta of GemDemo put online!
    • July 2, 1998: This page opened!


    Here are a few benchmarks we have made during the time of testing.
    All tests are done with the tunnel.dmo in direct draw mode.

    Download current benchmarks file!

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