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Here you will see screenshots from all menus of GemDemo, and all demomodules, plus several other pictures from GemDemo running under different configurations. This directory is growing, so if you like to see new screenshots, pop in here now and then for more of them!

About dialog


This is the about dialog, this will be changed sooner or later to a more colourful one. Currently Odd's own object drawing routines are under re-contruction and the colorimage routines ain't made yet. Expect this to change in a while!

Options dialog


This is the options menu where you select drawing method; VDI, VDI clipping mode and Direct-draw. You also select which kind of graphics card you own.

Control dialog


In the Control menu you can change the pattern of the movement each graphical sequence have. This also proves pretty well that it is realtime and not a simple animation. ;-)

Statistsics window


Here is the window where you can see the performace of your machine, and compare with the others in our benchmarks file suppiled with GemDemo.

Statistsics window

Fullscreen #1!

This screenshot is taken from a Falcon030 running MiNT/MiNTOS and N.AES. It plays Mpeg Layer II music at the same time, and display oscilloscopes via the MegaPlayer v1.15. Desktop is Thing v1.26.

Click on picture for full-size version (warning, large picture).

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